Object Oriented Programming (CMPE225) Course Details

Course Name: Object Oriented Programming
Code: CMPE225
Pre-requisite Course(s): CMPE114
Objective: The course teaches how to generate abstractions to represent a class of objects sharing a set of attributes or behavioral traits. In this course, the students are introduced to a method of programming that seeks to mimic the way we form models of the world using UML. By using these abstractions the students get a chance to apply the three main properties of object-oriented languages; namely, encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism using the C++ language.
Content: Data types, expressions and statements, functions and scope rules, class definitions, inheritance, polymorphism, name overloading, templates, exception handling; input/output; object oriented principles using the UML and C++ programming language.
Term: Autumn
Theory: 3
Application: 2
Laboratory: 0
Credit: 4
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