Data Structures (CMPE226) Course Details

Course Name: Data Structures
Code: CMPE226
Pre-requisite Course(s): CMPE225
Objective: This course introduces the abstract concepts that are useful in problem solving, and shows how these concepts are implemented in a programming language. The students learn how to choose a suitable data structure for a specific problem, how to create more complex data structures using the already existing data types, and also how to implement and analyze the algorithms developed for these data structures. The students get a chance to apply their knowledge by completing assignments written in the C++ language.
Content: Stacks, recursion, queues; creation and destruction of dynamic variables, serial linked lists, circular lists, doubly linked lists, circular doubly linked lists; sorting and searching algorithms, space and time considerations, binary trees, binary search trees, tree traversal algorithms, binary tree sorting algorithms, hashing.
Term: Spring
Theory: 3
Application: 0
Laboratory: 0
Credit: 3
ECTS Course File: Course File
Course File:
ECTS: 8.0