Erasmus Mobility in Information Systems Engineering

The students of Information Systems Engineering terminating their education have returned back and new students have gone abroad for education.

The Department of Information Systems Engineering has agreement with 17 universities all around Europe and motivates students to participate ERASMUS student mobility program. The list of universities can be seen on the web page of the department. Our ERASMUS students are listed below:

Egemen Möröy               University of Lodz-Poland              2009-10 Spring
İlay Erdoğan                   University of Lodz-Poland              2009-10 Spring
Ahmet Kürşad Can          Roskilde University-Denmark          2010-2011 Fall
Servet Kurt                    Roskilde University-Denmark          2010-2011 Fall
Bahar Teke                    University of Lodz-Poland               2010-2011 Spring
Ahmet Taha Erden          University of Lodz-Poland               2010-2011 Spring
Mehmet Ali Sarıtaş           University of Ljubljana-Slovenia      2010-2011 Spring
Raziye Gülden Atılgan       University of Lodz-Poland               2011-2012 Spring

Being Erasmus students, they had the opportunity to experience different ways of teaching, improve their abilities in communication in a foreign language and make friends all over the world. With this experience, they had more fun, more confidence and new knowledge. We congratulate our students.