Erhan Gökçay, Asst. Prof. Dr., Lecturer

Erhan Gökçay

Contact Information

Home Department:Department of Software Engineering

Academic Degrees

PhD of Philosophy Computer Science, Information and Engineering University of Florida 2000
Master's of Science Electric & Electronic Engineering Middle East Technical University 1991
Bachelor's of Science Electric & Electronic Engineering Middle East Technical University 1986

Academic Titles

Asst. Prof. 2013



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E. Gökçay, Jose Principe (2001), Information Theoretic Clustering, IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, 24-2, 158-171

International Conference Proceedings

E. Gökçay, Jose Principe (2000), A new clustering evaluation function using Renyi's information potential, Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, 2000 Vol 6. 2000 IEEE International Conference on, ISTANBUL, 1

E. Gökçay, Didem Gökçay (1995), Generating titles for paragraphs using statistically extracted keywords and phrases, Systems, Man and Cybernetics, 1995. Intelligent Systems for the 21st Century., IEEE International Conference on , Vancouver, BC , Canada, 3174 - 3179

E. Gökçay, Didem Gökçay (1995), Combining Statistics and Heuristics in Language Identification, Proceedings of the Fourth Annual Symposium on Document Analysis and information Retrieval, Las Vegas, 1

National Conference Proceedings

E. Gökçay, Didem Gökçay (1993), Language Identification using 3-gram Statistical Analysis, 2nd Turkish Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks Conference, 1