Barış Özkan (2017), Asst. Prof.Dr.

Barış Özkan (2017)

Contact Information

Home Department:Department of Information Systems Engineering

Academic Degrees

PhD of Science Information Systems Middle East Technical University 2012
Master's of Science Software Management Middle East Technical University 2005
Bachelor's of Science Industrial Engineering Middle East Technical University 2000

Academic Titles

Asst. Prof. Atilim University January 2016

Research Topics

Information Technology, Service Oriented Architecture, Software Engineering, Software Measurement, Management Information Systems, Software Testing



Özkan (2017) B. (2016), Challenges and Best Practices in Industry-Academia Collaborations in Software Engineering: A Systematic Literature Review, Information and Software Technology, 79, 106-127

Özkan (2017) B. (2015), A Curriculum on Sustainable Information Communication Technology, PROBLEMY EKOROZWOJU – PROBLEMS OF SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, 30.2, 95-101

International Conference Proceedings

Özkan (2017) B. (2016), A Proposal on Requirements for COSMIC FSM Automation from Source Code, IWSM 2016

Özkan (2017) B. (2016), On the Seven Misconceptions about Functional Size Measurement, IWSM 2016, Berlin

National Conference Proceedings

Özkan (2017) B. (2013), ASSIST: An Integrated Measurement Tool., IWSM/MENSURA

Özkan (2017) B. (2010), Evaluation of Reliability Improvements for COSMIC Size Measurement Results., IWSM/MENSURA

Özkan (2017) B. (2010), Estimating Software Effort in a Change-intensive Applications Environment: An Experience Report., IWSM/MENSURA

Özkan (2017) B. (2008), The Effect of Entity Generalization on Software Functional Sizing: A Case Study, IWSM/MENSURA

Özkan (2017) B. (2008), Software Functional Size: For Cost Estimation and MoreIn Proceedings, EuroSPI

Özkan (2017) B. (2008), The Impact of Individual Assumptions on Functional Size Measurement, PROFES

Book Chapters

Özkan (2017) B. (2014), Software Quality and Model-Based Process Improvement., Computing Handbook, Third Edition (vol.2), Chapman and Hall/CRC