Uluslararası Öğrencilere Yardım

Dear Erasmus Student,

1- If you are eligible, Erasmus Coordinator of your home university should nominate you with your e-mail, department and the semestre you wish to study.

2- Download and complete the Application Form for incoming students.

3- Attach the following documents with this form:

   - An English 'Transcript of Records' which includes full details of previous and current higher education courses and your grades
   - 2 Photos
   - Copy of legal ID card or passport
   - Copy of the registration at home institution or university card.
   - CV (Curriculum Vitae)
  - Learning Agreement (3 signed original copies- one is for your home institution, one is for our institution and the other is for the Erasmus student). It details the selected course units. Complete your Learning Agreement by discussing with your Erasmus/ECTS coordinator in your home university which course units would be relevant and recognized as a contribution to your own degree program. If the student want to make any change in their courses after arrival, the second page will be used for add-drop procedure. It should be completed  and signed within 1 month after the semester begins in Atılım.
    ** You can contact Erasmus/ECTS coordinator of Atılım University of your field of study for further information.

4- Erasmus/International Office of your university should send your application documents to us by post to the following address

Address: International Relations Office
               ATILIM UNIVERSITY
               Kızılcaşar Mah. 06836 İncek, Ankara, Turkey
         **Incomplete and late applications will not be processed.

5- After having the related Department's approval, the 'Letter of Acceptance' is issued for you. Erasmus Office faxes a copy of this letter as well as mailing it to your International Office.

6- You must take the Letter of Acceptance to the nearest Turkish Consulate and apply for the Student Visa. (This visa cannot be obtained within Turkey.)

7- Within one month after you arrive in Turkey, you must apply for a residence permit. Our office assists you for this procedure.

8- At the end of the semester, our International Office gives you a 'Certificate of Attendance' which states your exact dates spent in Atilim. After the grades be announced, one official 'Transcript of Records' will be sent to your Erasmus Office by post.

9- PLEASE NOTE, Erasmus students are not covered by medical insurance. Be certain you have emergency/ hospital coverage before coming to Turkey.